Wednesday, 31 July 2013

World of Tanks - Cockbites a Bound

I continue my current run of game play with a bit more world of tanks - I've got screenshots of my games and replays to record if anyone were interested - but you're not.

So, I'll jump to something which is publicly available and which I've already touched on, my play stats.

I am still sick and tired of people incorrectly using XVM mods with the stats enabled to cry havoc at people, last night was a good one, some twat kid in a Matilda whom has had an account since March and only unlocked two tier 5 tanks on the Russian line and up to the Matilda (according to my viewing his player profile - 23rd March he started playing - I unlocked my Crusader in under a weeks playing quite casually - so this guy must be shit) and I noticed this guy had no artillery unlocked, he's not played them... yet he quite happily sat there calling me a noob... "Shoot noob arty"... "shoot"... the fact that, a) they were not spotted - hence I had no idea where to aim b) had already shot and was reloading and the reload is SLOW on a Grille (without any crew skills or a gun rammer I was) and c) he has no fucking idea how they play himself... I was the noob... No "nico__30" you're the cock bite noob, and I told you so - this replay will go up soon.

But that evenings play was not a total bust I played the Grille last, just once before selling it - I have it elite'd but don't like how arty play now - and wanted a garage slot for my Comet - coming soon.

My run of wins ran through all three Brit tanks I played and out into my German line, and I had some real fun, getting my mastery badge on a couple and some massive results.

But then I thought I'd sort out my JagdPanzer IV streak, it was down around 46%, and I want all my tanks to be over 50% win rate.  So I started to play, and it was just dire, first match out I was dead in seconds, even with binoculars I didn't see the IS who ammo-racked me, and from his position I had no idea he could see me, maybe a forward scout spotting for him, maybe a cheater, whatever it was I just exploded... and the evening continued like that for me in my JadgPanzer IV.

40% win rate I pulled out of it in the end, and then I played the infamous Grille game mentioned above and thought - fuck it I'm going to bed.

but this was not before Mr Jingles passed 100,000 subscribers, he was at 100,004 when I looked earlier in the evening and was over 100,300 this morning, so good on him!

I'm not going to even attempt to run for his competitions, I don't get games like that, my games are mediocre and for my own laughs.

And I say that because though I'm there having a laugh, I seem to meet every cockbite going, I really do, nico__30 is just the latest in a long line of cockbites, and I hope that little shit chokes on the next dong he swallows... "hmmmm yes my headmaster"... slurp slurp slurp... cockbite!

Oh and I just noticed, I'm in the top 10 Crusader drivers on the EU server, I'm actually second, suck on that nico__30 you prick.

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