Saturday, 13 July 2013

Statistics and Cockbites in World of Tanks

I got really annoyed the other day, I've tried to think about how to blog about the problem, but I came up blank.

My blankness was because at the time I had no proof my run of thoughts were correct, that is until now.

What was bugging me was the statistics - specifically kiddies pointing them out and rubbing my face in them - in the game World of Tanks, let me explain.  I was playing a game - in my successful German anti-tank line - and a tactical situation came up where a heavy tank on the left flank was being backed up by several allies, and all he needed do was pull back and the enemy blocking him would follow - as they could not see us ready to pounce - and we'd have the enemy dead and the friendly heavy could move on.  The problem was, this friendly heavy was a) not moving backwards and b) not very friendly - hello spider if you're reading this, you're a cockbite, and here's why you're a cockbite.

Now, playing my Stug, I love my Stug, and I have a really positive experience with it, its pimped out with modules and a 100% crew, and I play it when I'm getting frustrated with my current pass time of grinding up through the terrible British tank line.

And there's the problem, first I'm back in the game after a long hiatus - I mean I used to play when the Tiger II was rare to see, and I got my Tiger I and did Clanwars for a bit, lost interest in arseholes bossing me around and quit.  And now I'm back into a game which is very different, physics, new tech, new nations, new tanks... its all very new.

So, rather than get my Tiger destroyed and my meagre stash of credits lost in repairs as I relearn the game I decided to break my exclusive playing of the Germans and try a different nation.

I had seem some of QuickyBaby's coverage of the Tier 7+ British tanks and liked the look of them, so went for the British line.

Now, I found out that the British line is not a great line to learn on, or even re-learn on, they are not quick tanks - compared to other nations - they have really bad guns - compared to everything - and they suffer from the common thin low tier armour problems of all nations.  In short they are a real pain, and in exclusive pick up groups (PUGs) its very hard to get a good game.  I've seen other commentators on the World of Tanks phenomenon of the "bad game streak", but gentlemen I can assure you I've had the WORST every run, here's the proof of that, and my middle finger raised at spider - whom I'll explain more about in a mo.

That is my run of games, you can see the slow decline of the graph, that's my grinding - and loosing - in the British Cruiser tanks and the Valentine (which I have to say is the worse machine of war I've ever had the misfortune to encounter).

I lost, and lost and lost and lost, and teams lost around me, and guns never penned, I mean in the Valentine I had like 10 kills, but I had over 100 sharpshooter and sniper badges... I could hit things, and hit them lots of times, but never ever did I get a kill because the poxy guns - and that trend even continued into the Churchill I, which has terrible guns until you've got hold of the final Vickers gun.

So, I'm loosing and loosing, then you see that up turn... that's when I actually got the final gun on the Churchill...

Its a pretty obvious upturn in my fortunes, and directly linked to a single piece of equipment - that last gun on the Churchill.

My play style has not changed, my tactics have largely not changed, indeed I start most battles and warn people "I'm a bit shit"... So this feeling of frustration with how bad the tanks have been and how suddenly a single piece of equipment have changed the whole feel and behaviour and fortunes screams "unbalanced".

But, I'm not a developer or statistician for WarGaming, nor am I inclined to moan at them about this.

No, I only bring this all up because of a player - yes spider - this heavy driver from the other night.  When I asked him to move back he was antsy - most children rail against authority - and that's what this moron did, he ignored my suggestion he did not pull back.

Having watched the replay - several times (I may record and post it if I can) - it is more and more obvious he should have just dropped back and let the enemy come so the array of TD's watching his back could help.  But he refused.

And not only did he refused but he started to brow beat me with my game performance statistics for proof of his superiority - and when after all the other tanks, like his, were dead and it forced arty and myself in a TD to try to cap the flag against remaining enemy tanks he was calling me out as a noob.

I had to take this frothing bullshit from the guy, I was polite - he was not - and in the end I told him to go away and put him on my ignore list, because he just would not listen, he was raving about my performance, about my ability.

Well, kiddo, let me tell you some things... First this is a game, you stupid pointless waste of oxygen, its a game, that means its all for entertainment.  Second, I've played a lot of games, and I don't care whom I play with, they can be as backwards as they like or bossy (QB I'm looking at you) but if they're insulting - like you were kid - then they can go get fucked.

Finally for these statistics, look at the performance, that long downward slope is all the low tier British tanks, tier 1 - 2, its down to sheer luck who lives and dies at that level its like a massive free for all... But then into the line of tanks on the British tree, its all like a horrid dream, poor armour, no gun... the basics to allow it to compete are missing.

You could say "You don't know how to play", but as I've said, I'm shit - but I've not change my play style, not immersed myself in new tactics I'm going with the flow in a PUG group grind and suddenly I have a significant upturn, not through skill, not through experience, but simply by finally getting to a tank in the tree and specifically a gun on that tank where things work.  And there is some balance.

Literally the pawl of helplessness has passed away from me.

So, mouthy spider - go fuck yourself - this is why my stats were low - you watch them bounce back you mouthy schmuck.

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