Monday, 15 July 2013

Predictive Text Failure

We've all had that problem with predictive text getting the wrong prediction, however I have to say my Nokia C2 is utterly shite at it, not least because it totally lacks any statistical analysis of my textual habits to being commonly used items to the top of the list, and it steadfastly insists on giving out poor or uncommon suggestions for the most common words....

Just now I text'd the wife asking her to send me the "pimp list", do you know what a pimp list is?... "Shop"... Shop, not fucking pimp, how often does a person entering those characters mean to say "pimp"... Shop is far far and away more common!

How about this one... Coal.... Father in law has a coal fire, I text'd him asking him if he needed coal... the suggestion... Anal.... Not coal.. Anal, now I admit coal is less common a word than anal in texts - depending on your pass times that is... but then correcting it, the next fucking suggestion... Cock.... Anal Cock Coal.

So, if you're a gay ex-coal miner, Nokia got your back!

I mean, some phones I've had are acceptable, others are utterly fucking shite.

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