Sunday, 21 July 2013

Parking Ticket

So, my wife threw me a good one, she got a parking ticket the other week, and assured me she had not seen the signs "the notice to pay elsewhere was way over on the ticket machine, and the notice was the same shade of pink as the ones saying the machines were out of order because of vandalism"..."so from that distance I assumed they were still vandalised as before".

I trusted this and I sent in the informal appeal....

Yeah, the chaps at the other end must have been pissing themselves at this explanation, because the wife was parked square in front of the machine, which clearly could be read even in the grainy black and white photo they sent back.

"I couldn't read it"... Get yours eyes tested love, cus even the fucking dog can read that fucking notice on this shitty 420x360 pixel image.

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