Saturday, 27 July 2013

LOTRO - Disappointing English

I played LOTRO when it first came out, I played a Dwarf and soon hated it.  At the time I was not willing to pay for the game - and since it went Free to play that barrier has been removed, I still don't play it, and I had to ask myself why?

Well, the look and feel of the game, I don't like, its awkward looking and I remember it looking pretty dated.  Things might have changed, but I'm simply not willing to download the mammoth sized download just to find out.  And I don't trust other peoples rigs capturing video, because their rig is not my rig.

But I don't think things have turned up very much in the quality, not least because this game representing one of the biggest names in English Literature, a book which sold so much in the twentieth century as to overshadow everything around it... this ENGLISH book through and through gets advertising mail like this:

"Through August 6"... its so yankie doodle fucking dandie.  Its not even correct English, and I hate that...

"Join the festivities from now until the 6th of August" would have been the more correct, Hobbiton, fashion of writing this, and its more meaningful.  The moment I see US tailored brain dead English like this I disengage with the topic, I don't want to have to wade through it, if you work in PR, then for god sake work in Language, not colloquialisms.

I think this is a personal peeve with the slap dapse approach to PR from across the Pond in the US of A, a better example of this might have been the birth of Britains new top baby boy, Prince George.

Lots of US news outlets were reporting him to be a new "to be" KING OF ENGLAND.  We don't have kings or queens of England, its the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (not to forget all the commonwealth realms - Canada & Anzac loving vibes to all - across the globe)... But oh no "England" they came up with... Hey ho...

Maybe when Scotland vote on their independence the US news-tards can get that all to cock and someone will give a shit, they don't seem to give a shit when they piss off the English, but you pick on a "minority" and you get focus.


  1. I left the UK in 97. Since then there has been a massive change in the language. I see "24/7", "wedding band", "dairy" (as in "I don't eat dairy", "9/11" (ok it has become a name and doesn't really mean the 11th of the 9th any more), and shock horror even "math" instead of "maths". I seriously switch off when I hear these in UK tv or read these in UK papers. I actually read some linguistics at uni in the 90s and I was trained in decscriptive linguistics (as opposed to the old fashioned prescriptive discipline). I really should find these changes interesting but I detest them with a passion. If any child of mine said "do the math" I would flip. Seriously, I would flip.

    Sorry for that rant.

    1. Rant away, its why I'm here :)

      We should "do lunch" sometime, lol... Sorry couldn't resist.

    2. Yeah, we should "touch base" and discuss all this "wrong-headed" language use and how it should be punished. My current thinking is mandatory viewing of the entire collection of Jonathan Meades documentaries on
      That'll fix their vocabulary.

      Another point, you wrote:
      "We don't have kings or queens of England, its the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

      Right, fairly minor point here, but as far as the status of king or queen (feel a bit nondeferential when I don't capitalise those titles) is concerned, the differences between the different countries in the UK are not nonessential and thus cannot just be abstracted away. For instance, the current queen is Queen Elizabeth II of England but Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland. That's why post boxes are different in the two countries: the English ones have the official cypher EIIR, the Scottish ones do not.

    3. The post box at the end of my road still has old Vicky's name on it ;)