Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Chatting at Work

There is a department here at work, I'm not going to name them, but they're exclusively male and very bloke like and they look a bit scruffy, some are young, some are middle aged, all it seems are single or divorced or separated in some fashion, and it shows.

I have no bone to grind with them, save for one thing, whenever I go get a drink from the kitchen they're in there having a laughing communal chat.  They chat as a department in their work area, and they all spend all day talking about none work things, so why everyday do they congregate in the communal kitchen - choking it with bodies - and have a loud roustabout conversation?

It irks me that I feel like the interloper asking them to move from the fridge, or move from the coffee machine, or stop leaning on the water cooler.  But then they should not congregate in there, they should get their drinks and have a chat in their work area - oh no wait, they already do that, so I really don't get why they gravitate to the kitchen... 

Its really weird, and annoying... To Exemplify this I will now steal a picture from the internets...

How fucking annoying do that lot look, yeah, very.

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