Friday, 5 July 2013

Beeping Photocopier

Beep... Fucking Beep... That's right I'm not beeping to censor myself, but to beep fucking share with you the beep of the photocopier in our office.

The thing is like 60 feet away from me, its a large open plan office, and beep someone is trying to get the right settings... beep... and it fucking beeps every button press.




I've been to look, there is no volume control, I'm tempted to see if I can open the housing and disconnect any speaker, but by the look of things its a tiny PCB in there and the beeper is surface mounted.

It's like a mosquito you can't silence in the night...

I'm hoping there are fewer photocopies required around here today, least until I can shuffle the fucking thing to the other end of the building, or at least get some muffling done on this beeper.

I swear, its a tiny thing, but so loud, they should issue them as part of survival gear, people could be heard for miles with one of these things and a AAA battery.

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