Sunday, 12 May 2013

World of...

I bet a few people who know me expect me to say... "Warcraft" here... but I'm not, I'm going to talk World of Tanks.  I started to play World of Tanks when it first appeared - I remember obsessing over the PC Gamer special pull out whilst on holiday and the moment I got home I installed it and went from there.

I have a Tier 7 heavy crew - driving the iconic German Tiger I - and a bunch of other all German vehicles.

I started to play again mainly because of the coverage of the game by Jingles.  But I'm meeting with a very divisive problem, either we win or loose, there's no grey area, there's no good games we loose, there's no bad games we save, there's just instant death and destruction... Or a victory.

The reason seems to be the people driving along side me... For example I just took my tiger out for the first time this evening, I was the highest level tank on my team - the only heavy - against 3 heavy Russian IS tanks... and basically even with a fully pimped 88mm gun, I could only take one of them with me, the reason?

I got no help, nothing... One tank Destroyer came with me, and we're there holding off basically ALL the enemy heavies.  I'm also having to spot... Yes, spot, in a heavy Tiger... instead of taking a key position, bottling the enemy up and ticking them off... all our mediums and all the lights fucked off a different way, leaving the entire right flank to just me and the TD... and once we both died and the Russians popped around the corner to rape us in the ass... Then the fucking retards in the team started to spam "Xelous (Tiger) Help!"...

I'm already dead fucktard, you killed me by fucking making me stick my nose out around this shitty corner to try and spot for myself and the TD...

Its so annoying.

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