Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coasting to a halt...

I have had a hell of a week, it started badly with a pressing feeling growing in my chest all last weekend, so much so that by Tuesday morning I had a boiling heavy feeling in my chest - which forced me to hassle my doc into seeing me last Tuesday afternoon and was promptly informed I was about an inch from major pneumonia in my left lung.

He gave me a shed load of drugs and I spent the next forty eight hours in agony, and let me tell you folks, it was agony, fluid in the lung made it so painful, and being the left lung I could not rest the weight of it pressing on my heart.  And if I lay flat the weight was on my spine, that was more agony.

A massive fever, which broke Friday morning around 4am has seen me slowly recover.  I even took a gentle walk this evening.  But I'm now awaiting the inevitable backlash of having used anti-biotics & pain killers... Basically I'm about a half day from shitting my arse out.

Apart from that I did do some coding, for work and for pleasure.

I took a look at the C++ tutorial from Linux Format - and then closed the magazine and sagely decided not to comment - as a professional programmer and C++ fan - could they have tried to present a more ugly disjointed unfavourable and plainly boring introduction to the language?... The chap writing it even commented there are no media libraries for the language... Dude, don't you know EVERY major game on nearly ever major platform has a beating heart written in C++ and has had since Half-Life!

I have also played a few rounds of War Thunder - and made a level in the Russian Tech tree - which cost a pretty penny to buy all the accompanying planes and upgrades.  But, they've still not fixes the earning ability, its all very well some commentators saying "you have to earn the cash for a new rank" and "it was too easy to earn cash before", but at a little under 3,000 cash for a mediocre game, 4,500 for a better game.  Its an utter ball ache - still - to gain over 100,000 just to buy a tier 7 plane, but then you get splashed for ammo wracks, robbed for putting the plane you just paid through the nose for into service and finally fucked over trying to earn anything with your first 10 free repair fly outs!

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