Thursday, 11 April 2013

WarThunder - Players Can See the Imbalance

I have to commend the WarThunder content crew for releasing more Historical Battles - my favourite way to fly - however, the imbalance in the different air forces is becoming especially annoying and prevalent.

Now, the Japs, I love my Japs but I'm yet to get a proper zero - I have the floating zero - but not a real one the reason being the god damn grind to gain the lions to buy it and as I'm already posted I'm not willing to grind.  But also the Jap planes are really the proverbial "Glass Cannons", but firepower and no amour - yet this is really real - as other posters & players say all the time - but in real-life the zero could out maneuver everything flying against it, and they can't in arcade and can't well even in Historical Battles in WarThunder - so they're unbalanced.

And because they're unbalanced players avoid wasting their precious time trying to play against over powered - or just balanced - emenies, take a look at this, this is a screen shot fresh of the press a few minutes ago, see the numbers in the queue....

There are two historical battles... Japs v Yanks - WoW there are a lot of Yanks waiting to fly!... And then Brits v Krouts - and oh mamma how many Luftwaffe jockeys are there in the queue?

This is screaming out about the imbalances, the Japs can's survive so the yank tear them up, plus the yanks have strapped a bomb capability to nearly every plane and a billion machine guns to every bomber, so they're being played and earning rich rewards.

The Germans they appear to be being played; through personal experience on the receiving end; because their fighters tear the British planes out the skies - I commented in game to other players about this to hear resounding replies that I was indeed correct - the Brits simply fall out the sky.

Now, Jingles over on YouTube posted his heroic Lancaster flight earlier today, and he shows a surviving bomber - well surviving ish - but this is rarely the case I've been out in Blenheims, Beauforts, Beaufighters and Wellingtons and always been hacked out the sky by well flown 109's.

You can't knock the 109 pilots they're doing things right, but they're only being quite so successful because of this perceived imbalance - I know I'm not a terrible bomber pilot, and I know I'm not an awful fighter jock but me just saying the obvious is not enough, so evidence, check out the numbers in the queues, check them out yourselves....

And you wait, you wait for a Russian Historical battle, there'll be hundreds in those queues as the Russian planes are all pretty much INVINCIBLE.

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