Tuesday, 2 April 2013

E-mail Hacked, WarThunder Ruins Economy & Minecraft restart

What a bit of a roller coaster time I've been having, lots of personal stuff, but then technology has slowly crept back into me.

I'm still enjoying WarThunder - though less so with the currently fucked economic model (I have Spitfire Vb and Vc, as well as two differnet model 109's to buy - all for 100,000 credits, whilst only able to earn about 10,000 per game, this means I'm going to take about 50 games to earn the cash -  and I only get to play 2-3 games an evening, so this is over a months grind to just play the next level of aircraft) and to be honest I can do without a grind of a game.

They did a good job with the April Fools joke in game however - I did enjoy flying in the My Little Pony Airforce, and the artwork was top notch, however I'd have been happier to see an economy fix.

Also, there was an event on Sunday where for winning your first and fifth fight you'd get gold eagles, I never saw this advertised, I never understood the text in game, and I never won in the one game I played that evening, so I never got any gold eagles and this makes me sad, from such PR highs to lows all in the space of a weekend.

The other technology news was that one of my e-mail addresses was hacked, by a chap in India, whom I thoroughly intend to visit and castrate.  Seems he trawled and then trolled my Yahoo e-mail password and started to spam people in my address list at 3am.  The next morning my wife asked "Why were you up at 3am sending me this"... and of course she'd clicked the fucking link, so I had to wipe the laptop, and change my yahoo account and all manner of things.  But being in possession of an ounce of technical nouse I fired  up a virtual machine and tracked this link mailed around down, I also tracked the links in the dozens of failed mail daemon delivery messages spammed from my account.  And they all went back to an educational establishment in the Punjab.

I sent a mail to the administrator of said Educational Establishment, but I don't hold much hope of them cracking down on this shit, not least because this place in the Punjab appears to be a rocky stoney mountain when you look on Google earth, but the image of the site as shown on their web page looks like a none-descript office building from Droitwich - no offence to Droitwich.

The other thing that's been going on is Minecraft - I've had minecraft since it first came out - I've even studied the java code under the hood - yes I'm that much of a geek.  But I've only really played it once.

I started to play it again - mostly as I'm so agreeved at WarThunder - but also because I'm still without power on my main gaming PC so wanted something I can run on the laptop whilst on battery power.

Anyway, I've started to enjoy Minecraft some, I have a little railway, I've got a cow farm, and I'm starting to automate somethings with the seemingly magic redstone.  I've been to the nether and I plan to open a big mining facility to discover more diamonds.  But I'm also tempted to start to record my exploits, and make a series of progress videos.  IJevin on YouTube does a good job of this, but he does seem to appear with lots of gear start off the bat, I'd rather show everything in real-time - or at least sped up in places - to show every rock, every seed, every stick gathered and how it came along.  But this is a pipe dream, I don't have a voice for YouTube video commentary, and I don't have the time, though I've love to have more YouTube content.

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