Monday, 18 March 2013

WarThunder - Epic Fail & 20mm Auto Cannons

I've not much to say this evening, I got one game of WarThunder in earlier, and it was an utter fail, however I did have time at work (during lunch and my measly 15 minute breaks) to create a narrated video of my experience failing at playing decently, you can check it out on my YouTube Channel here... Be gentle with me.

However, I've also just got through watching the Discovery Channel show "Sons Of Guns", its season 3 over here in the UK, and this was the second - or third, I forget - episode.  Any-hew, they put back together a 20mm Autocannon of Japanese origin, the same gun in fact from the Zero fighter... Apt for the game I'm so deeply engrossed at the mo!

They didn't fire the gun, it was perhaps too delicate or too precious, definitely too expensive - $55,000 worth.  But could perhaps have been the only example still in existence - according to the show commentary - outside of a museum, since so many were destroyed as the Japanese fighters were hacked from the skies.

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