Thursday, 14 March 2013

Laptop Patched Up - Huzzah!

I patched the laptop up with an old 100gb 5400 RPM drive, and of course the first thing I installed - apart from all the Micro$oft patches and the latest nVidia drivers - was WarThunder...

I'm actually trying to work out a good way to grind/earn crew XP points.  I did get 33+ of them in one Historical Battle, and 36 in a further one I took part in.  But as of last night Historical Battles - even ones I did well in - don't seem to be awarding as many crew XP points... Which is disappointing.

I did however have a nice encounter with the dynamic damage system - as you can see in this Historical Battle I got shot up and had an engine out but managed to pull off a landing.

This stands in stark contrast with an Arcade mission I then did whilst waiting for a free repair... Where instead of landing nicely, I did this:

Being Arcade Battle however, you can't keep a good Spitfire down...

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  1. Dude if you wanna play just send me text!