Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Laptop, Teeth and Pain

A very brief post for today folks, today has been a painful day, in more than one respect... First of all, last night my laptop went tits up.

More specifically my shiney year old kick add 8 core laptop had its hard drive give up the ghost, now... this annoys me, as I think a hard drive should last more than a year, but opening the machine up and taking the drive out I'm a little more annoyed as it does look like the supplier put a fucking refurbished unit in there...

I have no specific evidence for this, beyond personal experience, for you see the drive is mounted in a plastic lined caddy - yet has some wear over one of the screw holes, as if its been scrapped around before fitting... Also the drive has a date of 18th July 2011, more than a year before I bought the machine... Not good... Noot Good... However, this is an excuse to buy a new - better - bigger hard drive - so there's more data for it to loose next time.

However, I've got an old 100gb drive I've just put in, which is having Windows installed on it as we speak.... WINDOWS!!?!?!? yes, and not just Windows, but VISTA!... Yeah baby.  Not cus I want Windows, but because I want to play WarThunder!  And Vista, because that's what I own - yeah I'm all legal peeps.

The other pain comes from my teeth - I hate dentists - sorry all dentists, but your lying ass holes - "It doesn't hurt"... Snap... PAIN! - So I've not been to a dentist in over 15 years, and today I had a tooth crack... yes crack, and not just crack a little, I mean the thing split from top to bottom...

And what caused this massive dental trauma?.... A biro!  I bit down on a biro.

Anyway, here's a coupld of WarThunder screen shots... The first is my Spitfire Mk II... Nothing new, I've had it over a week, but I love it so....

And the second screen shot is of my crew points screen - after a Historical Battle - It seems yes, Historical Battled give great XP and great crew point rewards - if you survive and participate.

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