Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wii U - Will Fail

Taking a long look at the images released of the new Nintendo Wii U games console, I can only see it being a huge and obvious flop.

Its too bulky, has no cool feel, its performance and specifications are way down on the ladder, there is in fact nothing the device offers that a smart phone already does and smart phones are cool.

This thing may possibly sell in Japan, but for the rest of the world, its going to sink like a stone.

Personally, I wish companies would realise that devices like this don't seem to catch on.  The original GameBoy caught on big time, it filled a void not just a niche.  There was no rival anywhere near the GameBoy, and to some extent its carried that legacy into the newer DS devices range.  But this Wii U is going to go the same way as the Atari Lynx, which it seems to ape in so many ways.

And its to the Lynx I now turn, the Lynx for its part was designed by a creative team, one of its leaders R. J. Mical is a great, and fun, guy; whos fame spreads back to the Amiga 1000 development.  But no-one turned around to that team and really scrutinised the product, sure it had a nobel and dedicated fan base, some people "loved that giant machine". But it was too big and bulky for the main stream.

And here we are 23 years later with Nintendo, the company whom (lets face it) sank the Lynx, stepping themselves over those exact same mistake sink holes full of lava... They'll sink, but they don't seem to see it.

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  1. Agreed, it seems as if it's going to be an obvious flop seeing as how it has no real demographic. The controller is off putting to real "hardcore" gamers, and way behind the technological curve when it comes to tablets. That leaves only die hard nintendo fans left, and lots of them have lost faith and left nintendo because of the aesthetically unappealing controller.