Thursday, 30 August 2012

Online Gaming in a Browser

It is with some surprise that I come to blog about a new service from Square Enix.  Those delightful Japanese RPG devils have come up with a new service "CoreOnline" which is to stream high end console titles (from the mid-naughties) to your web interface - via their own service.

Its only a beta right now, and unlike other offerings it claims to run in the browser, which is intriguing enough to get me to perhaps take a look.

However, the service is nothing new, indeed the partly BT funded "OnLive" service has been offering the same idea with more than just console titles for over a year.

The suprise however comes about because this new service is so much like OnLive, and only last week their CEO walked out after the company was forced to sell its assets in order to pay its venture capital firm a return.

Maybe the Japanese can do better than OnLive, who knows.  There are now two Japanese controlled services of this ilk, this new offering by Square being one, the other being "Gaikai" which was recently purchased outright by Sony.

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