Thursday, 23 August 2012

DayZ... DayZ... Give me your answer do....

I'm so crazy, all for the love of you.... *cough*... Sorry....

I've found DayZ, a mod for ArmaII, which seems amazingly interesting... I'd not even seen ArmaII... I've had my head well out of that combat sim genre since I bought and didn't really play Operation Flash Point : Dragon Rising last year.

But, this DayZ seems really interesting, the desparation, the challenge, the free for all aspect.  It actually seems far more interesting than the original ArmaII game.

However, before I rush out and spend £40 buying the ArmaII game, I decided to get the ArmaII Operation Crossbow demo on Steam and try out the controls.  My conclusion, there are a few bugs.

First of all, this is a demo, it might be early code, but its an old (2 years released) engine, which shouldn't have these sort of bugs, I saw - Vehicles sliding side ways - like a jeep just moving left instead of being sat still... And I don't mean steering left, I mean floating left of its own accord.  I saw the shooting mechanic show lag - I'm running this on a Core i7 950 with 16gb of RAM, and dual SLi nVidia 470 GTX cards, but the bullet physics were being lagged out... I'd fire with a rifle from around 50 feet from a target, only to see the target run around in a circle, then get his, then go into a really slow looking rag doll drop to the ground.

I did also see some long range shots hit a target in the face and the model just rag doll instantly, but this was at long range, fairly low LOD.  When the target was really close, full LOD then the rag-dolling was seemingly delayed.

Anyway, I'm intriguied by DayZ... I'm watching hours of video of people just running around in the game, its almost like the perfect mix of "The Hunter" and Zombies and PVP...

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