Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fake NC-Soft Account E-mails

I'm sure all you lovely, non-existant, reader type people out there are smart enough not to fall for this one, but there is current'y a fake spam e-mail making the rounds perporting to be from NCSoft.

The e-mail uses quite bad English, to try and accuse your of having been identified as using an out of game money service.

Here's a snippet of the stupidly bad e-mail:

"When you receive this message at the same time means that you have a routine account of our recent examination, was checking your account we have the evidence to prove that involved in the controversial game currency transaction so we had to take the necessary measures.

Please visit our web site [Fake URL woz 'ere] as soon as possible to activate your account or we will suspend your account."

That is pretty much how the mail appears in your inbox [or spam box], except it's not in italics.

So, don't fall for this silly scam, and scammers, learn to speak the lingo before going solo.

Soon to come, a new post about my adventures in getting to grips with DDO.

And I'm also playing another F2P MMO again Runes of Magic. Which I first had a play of back in September 2009.

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