Saturday, 17 October 2020

Four Drives Enter, two Drives ... Well they're fine, read on

Very much like my prior post I've come to turn on the wall mounted server, which is no longer on a wall... only to find the ZFS pool is degraded.  Two drives are AWOL.

They are plugged in, the cables are checked and good, the power is good.... But for two to just vanish is a mystery, they're nice new WD Green SSD's.

And you can see the disks are added to my pool by ID, so it makes no difference which SATA port I plug them into.

I've got six SATA ports on this Motherboard, in three banks of two.  I wondered if the two other banks (as the boot and first mirror in the pool were in the first bank/pair) had gone bad, so many reboots later and checking, no it seems just these two drives are outta there.

I'm going to remove them and come back to this once I have a firm back up of the data.

Here they are.  So I bought these in June, they're marked March 2020.  My plan is, take the data off of the surviving drive in the pool, then sacrifice of of these two to the fdisk gods and see what it does.....  

There we are, that's one of the two in my SATA to USB caddy and... It's fine... Shows itself as very little use, it admittedly is a ZFS formatted drive, but the SMART information is all normal, so I'm thinking....

I'm thinking maybe the PSU on that wall mounted server is doing strange things.  Once moment, I'm going to try that hunch by removing the SATA power from the detected single drive and putting it in the other of these two I have laying here.

YES!... Right, so the disks are good, but the SATA power is on the wonk.  This is a horrid cheap PSU, so maybe time for a replacement.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Phantom Recruiter Calls

This post actually got corrupted... and wasn't that funny, so I'm just nuking it.

Basically the guy called me, and I had NO idea who he was.... wasted my time, as did this post.

Monday, 12 October 2020

That 32 Core build....

 I've just been sorting out the 32 core server and setting it up to do me a test build.  I chose to build the llvm-project, with clang, clang-cl, libcxx, libcxxabi, libunwind, lldb, compiler-rt and lld enabled.  As a release only....

Anyway, I had to share this awesome screenshot of the build progress window, and then the inset window of a second terminal session showing htop...

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Twelve Drives Exit - Only Ten Drives Survive

 I've spent the morning doing a bunch of hard work, like using a surface compactor to lay a 60 meter gravel track... I was knackered come lunch, so I decided to have a play in the server world.

Now, some of you may know we're between properties at the moment, this means I had to take all my servers offline and move them.

However, I've been desperate to get the 32 core machine back online.

Booting up just now though and a couple of the drives had gone bad, like physically bad.  As such my ZFS pool was just a total write off, so I've decided to restore from my offline back up.  There's not actually that much data on that cluster, it was only running raid 2.... And with two disks dying in a simple move, I thought it better to go for raid3.

But remember folks, RAID is not a back up.  My important server is a triple mirror Zfs pool.  I can lose any 2 of the three drives over there, and they're brand new nice WD SSD's... plus the server is ONLY turned on for backups.

This serer is my scratch working/coding project server, on which I host my build slaves and nodes in network tests etc.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Frank Herbert....

I started to re-read Dune last week, I've read a good piece each night and finished the first book... This is ahead of the new Film adaption coming out later this year.

I first read it in the late 90's whilst at Uni, whilst reading a bunch of other classic's such as all 2001 and it's sequels.

What I had utterly forgotten was just how easy it is to read, it's what I would describe as a smooth read, you feel that you could just keep going each chapter on chapter.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

The Racist Editor

I was just reading about Arati Saha, her being highlighted to me by today being her 80th Birthday and google giving her a doodle.  My target to learn about her was of course wikipedia.

Unfortunately as I was literally watching there's some racist person on there, sadly someone in the UK, who use Sky Broadband editing the page in some disgusting ways.

For example the page clear is of an Indian woman, awarded by India etc etc, she's Indian, absolutely unequivocally.

Yet this little oily turd, hiding behind the supposed anonymity of their IP address was editing it to say she was English, Scottish and Welsh.  Similarly they were defacing the page to say she was alive in 2021 and had the Nobel prize... every edit had a slightly more western bent to it.

What kind of bored, pathetic, moron defaces a page, clearly only highlighted to them by the google doodle, at 9:10am of a morning.  Can't they find anything better to do with their time?... Like post themselves to Bangalore and learn about the culture, exquisite cuisine and fascinating people of India?

Here's the "Whois" on their IPv6 address, I'd ask you all to do as I do, and send an email to sky reporting the abuse of this page by that IP address, see if in this sea of abuse and racism we can get some action from them?

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Forgot to Ride a Bike... Or?

I'm totally confused.... For you see, they say once you've learned to ride a bike you never forget, and I've not forgot, not one bit... So what's the problem?  Well, the problem is that the bikes have changed!

No I'm not talking electric, no I'm not talking mountain or anything like that, I'm talking about the brakes.

You see, I'm right handed, therefore my primary braking hand is my right hand, in a car I brake with my right foot, on a bike I want to brake with my right hand, this is how it is, how it was and how it always should be.

This should be your rear brake, you brake with your rear wheel first, so you don't lock the front up and go over the handle bars.

It's simple safety and ergonomics, and sure as a kind I remember lefties swapping their brake handles.

But... but... we've bought a bike from France... From those duplicitous Francophiles at Decathlon... And the primary brake is the rear brake, but they put it on the left!!!!

They literally put it on backwards.

It does my nut in, that I have to crack the plastic on the molded handle and swap them over... And no, I can't just remove the wire and swap that, because the rear brake wire is a physically different material to the front!

It is infuriating.