Sunday, 16 September 2018

That Moment....

When after ten years with your significant other, know them inside and out and they turn around and declare...

"You know what, I'll have a Fillet of Fish"

Totally blind-sided me this has.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Righting Blizzards Greatest Mistake

I hated something about Cataclysm, so much so the moment I saw it I stopped even looking... It was a change, a death, a travesty... But with the magic of community reverse engineering we can roll it back...

Blanchy, we love you...

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Form of Ready Player One Sequel?

I've just finished a re-read of "Ready Player One"; and I heard tell that Ernie had embarked on writing a sequel... Now before you all start I make the distinction between the film and the book, we are talking about the book.

In fact, those of you who haven't read the book... (Spoiler alert)... It starts out being written as the true story, to set the record straight... Straight up calling the movie out as wrong!  Oh yeah, love that preemptive strike on the Spielberg saga.

Anyway, the sequel eh?... Lets gather around the camp fire and think about this...

It can't be another hunt, we've had a hunt, Z is the man now, we may get a little friction between the members of the high-5 and Z maybe?... But it's going to be about what they find within the folds of the fabric of the Oasis.

Perhaps whether Halliday's Avatar was some form of personality transplant from his real-world body into the Oasis, some form of literal Ghost in the Machine?

I'd like to see some form of digital court, like a war-crimes tribunal, all accounts whom were Sixers being required to justify their existence?  Maybe some form of play on "The Odessa Files" in digital form, with IOI has the continuing evil?

Maybe there's some form of massive community lash back, everyone died on the release of the Cataclysm, Z resurrected the High-5 members, but everyone else was perma-death?

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Projects and General Update (September 2018)

I have no idea why you can hear my breathing so loud on cam... I promise I don't walk around wheezing... at least, I don't think... Shit, maybe I do?... Fat man fail I guess... 

I'm pretty sure I blogged about my gut having to go, it's not... At all.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Ikea Server Rack is Finished

What kind of bloke gets to play with servers on his day off?  A damn lucky one my wife always tell me?.. Am I lucky?  Or do I have a plan?  I think I have a plan, this is a project I've been meaning to sort out for quite some time, now I have a week off of work, I'm knocking things out the park... Sooo......

Meet my new server wrack, so this is a pair of Ikea Lack Coffee tables, one with the feet fitted, and it's screwed down onto the top of another, with a pair of wheel which I also got at Ikea.

I've reinforced the leg uprights, and I'm busy fitting out the rear with a dedicated switch and power setup.

It's all on wheels so it can go anywhere in my office with relative ease.

And yes, these are my older Poweredge servers (from my fan/noise reduction videos).

Only the top unit is operational, with all the drives fitted and a full compliment of memory (64GB I think is in it).  Its socking a quad port gigabyte Ethernet at the moment but I have a whole box of fiber channel cards to go into the machines up here taking me up to 4Gbit per card (full duplex) and I plan to fit two cards in each machine so we should bond up to about 8gbits... We'll see, waiting on the cables to arrive from Hong Kong.

My other item is to get myself a dual Socket 1366 based server soon, just to play about with 6 core 12 thread CPU's (so up to 12 cores 24 threads) and perhaps in the new year I'll go up to the E5- series of Xeons to massive amounts of threads.

At the moment though, load balancing various things on my AWS instances and dropping to my own hosting is more my interests...

And a friend of mine has reminded me of a project he and I need undertake - watch this space.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Britains Steepest Road?

I saw this on the BBC about a road which was at a 40% angle in Harlec, Wales...

You know what?  I think Nottingham has a contender to beat it, if it counts... Newfield Road.

Specifically the curve at the western end of that road, it's immensely steep, very short and I believe carries you up around 24 meters in around 60 meters of distance which is 40% in my book.

There's also a road I don't know the actual name of in Gedling (which my driving instructer used to torture me doing uphill starts) he called it "Big Bertha".

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Spread the word....

Hey Eddie... Spread the word...