Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Corvid 19: Chronovirus Bemusing Me

I'm a bit bemused by this whole Chronovirus affair, the amount of news time it's receiving and the amount of public awareness is brilliant; if not itself curtailing the inevitable spread of the virus itself.

For people to be aware is great.

In Nottingham it's not stopped my observing at least five people randomly spitting in the street today... but hey ho.

What bemuses me though is the news worthiness of this Corvid 19 virus, there are far more common and more deadly diseases and disorders out there, that are not receiving their due attention.

Lets assume the numbers given today on the BBC are correct, 78159 cases, of which 2717 deaths arose.  That's what 3.47% fatality rate....

Malaria can be up to 20% fatality rate, but we don't kick off about that do we?

Maybe it's something new, something about the modern works, Malaria is old it's no consequence, it's been killing us for millennia... Corvid 19 has only had a couple of months and that's alien not familiar.

I don't know, I'm just bemused by the whole thing....

Where have I been?... Well, I've been very busy with work and so I've not had chance to come to these pages at all this month, my apologies for that.  I've also been busy with the new land we've purchased, fitting gates, laying a road and helping in part to refurbish the stable block... More about that soon, I promise.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Multiboxer - Numpad Fail

That moment you're testing and you realise you've bound the test buttons to the numpad....

Yeah, so I'm working on the multiboxer in bed, the amount of work I've got done on it since Boxing Day has been really great for me, I feel like I've gotten it onto the right footing and things are moving in the right direction.

I plan on getting the parameter passing sorted then working almost exclusively on tooling to help write the scripts.

At the moment I do the mouse offsets with a google sheets page, so high on that list is something to help calculate the client relative offset values for me.

Then there's got to be some visual designer for the scripts and the parameters.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I'm writing (well re-writing) a multiboxing software application for any old MMO, you can find I've played this a lot on a vanilla World of Warcraft instance, but also on other games.

See my older pages:

But there's a lot of them if you search "Multiboxing" on this very blog.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Yes, it's a happy new year from me!

In case you have been missing them, I've been posting regularly about a C++ project I'm working on, the multiboxer for World of Warcraft (and eventually other games).

You can catch up on all the original posts and tests, as well as the new in my play list here: 

2019 refused to go out without a final surprise for the wife and I... we were blissfully watching a film (John Wick 3 in case you're interested) and I got up to make us each a drink, only to realise I'd stepped into a hallway full of a centimeter of cold water.

The toilet cistern had gone berserk and started to flood through its top, so it was clean water, but toilet water non-the-less.  We mopped up, I've ripped up the floor in that toilet totally as it was ruined.  We've left the heating on (so the house is boiling) and we're hopeful it'll dry out.

The wooden floors through, I'm hoping not to have to take them up... hey ho.

It's been a hell of a year, new job, new house, lots of things going on, travelling to the US with work a lot (none of which I can talk to you guys about here).

So, you will have to forgive me being so busy.... 2020 here we come.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Be Aggressive....

I just came back from watching Jumanji : The Next Level.... And... And... yes, good film, the wife and I like them, but I was very ... LIKE VERY... surprised to hear a reference to "Be Aggressive"...

A song from Faith No More's 1992 album "Angel Dust", an album I not only own but own two copies of in different formats, but it's a family film...  In case you missed it, the song is about oral sex, rough oral sex.

So a family film, and the character who made the reference is like what 18, 20 at most, and I can't for the life out of me figure out the pop-culture link from 1992 to that characters mind even via an older script writers pen.

Its gnawing at me (no pun intended) like some ungodly experiment in Kevin Bacon's six degrees of separation.

I just hope that it's not some cheer leader chant the parents are snickering about making their cherub kids sing about from the side lines.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

C++ Programming : SDL2 Graphics Rendering Loop

Today, it's a bit of a programming ramble, I'm literally throwing this code together, from memory and the docs... What does it do?

Well, I set up an SDL2 based graphics project.  Added font loading and set up the compilation environment and get something updating on screen, at the end there's then a second short video debugging a flickering... or if not properly fixing it, I at least start to pull the thread as to what is going wrong.

You can find the final code here:

And the short follow up:

Thursday, 28 November 2019

From intel to AMD...

Well, that just happened... I bought a Ryzen CPU...

That may not seem a huge revelation, but let me be clear in my PC's I have always (well nearly always) had Intel CPU's.  But the current 3rd generation of Ryzen has Intel on the ropes and I have to get moving with my new PC build.

And I've gone in what may seem a strange direction.

Initially I thought about third gen Threadripper, but I really can not justify the expense, most of my work is done on servers and though I could bring it all onto my workstation for compiles (like LLVM) but really its a convenience and not worthhy of nearly £2500 (after a processor and motherboard).

So what did you do Xel?... WHAT DID YOU DO?

Well, I've gone with an AM4 socket motherboard, a very good AM4 socket motherboard, and I've gone with a 3rd Gen Ryzen Zen 2 architecture processor, but perhaps not the one you'd expect.

You may expect me to have gone with the Ryzen 9 3950X, and you'd be right sometime next year, when they're properly out and in stock and prices have homogenised some.  But today, pre-Christmas, they're like rocking horse shite and costly.

The processor I've gone with then is the Ryzen 5 3600X...

Yes, it's Zen 2, yes it's AM4... Yes it's only 6 cores and 12 threads like my current workstation machine.  But it was only £200.  It comes with the stock cooler, so I cam practice with that before delving into fitting the AIO.

I've gone with an Asus ROG top tier motherboard for this class of processor, and I plan to let it go up to the 3950X with it's 16 cores and 32 threads sometime next year.

Memory, I've gone with two sets of 2 x 16GB Corsair Dominator RGB.  For a total of 64GB of RAM, which is a massive upgrade and maxes out the motherboard.

For that's the big thing I'm giving up, if I had gone with the threadripper3, then I'd have automatically had access to double the RAM slots (8 to be precise) and 128GB of RAM is common as a maximum on the X399... But here on the X370's it's usually 64GB (though some are 128GB).

The motherboard, RAM and processor all come from Amazon, for (to me) the princely sum of £700.  So the whole new machine, with the PSU, AIO, Case and storage I already have has topped me out at £1,100.

Expect build videos and tech tinkering footage soon.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Second piece of kit....The PC Case

And so the purchases start to roll in, tonight I've ordered a new case and I've gone with the Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow.

I plan to swap out the vanilla fans at the front for RGB ones and the cooling solution is likely to be a waterblock to rad with RGB too... ditto RGB on the memory.. so a little bling.

But, tonight the case, it's the all black version... it is "Obsidian" after all, with a window on the right side, so I will be able to see it all to my right as I sit at my desk.

I'm planning to make the current machine my main office server/file server, but that'll be when I move onto an all Linux base.  Yes, I'm going to retired Window as my main boot environment and go with Ubuntu.  And I'll run VGA passthrough on KVM to a Windows machine if I need to play games or run VS.

Everything else will go onto my file server, and in that direction, I've also ordered two more 4TB Drives.  I'm only getting WD Blue, I've had great personal success with WD Blues, only having one failure in about 15 years (mucho lower than Samsung, Sandisk, Hitachi and Toshiba).  And then I got excellent customer support.

So, 8TB more storage... I've also gone with a 500GB SSD, again a WD Blue.  Because I have a 500G NVME M.2 SSD I can pull out of my current machine for the main boot.

I'm sticking with my EVGA 1080 GTX SC graphics card, and I'll put the older 770GTX SC into the file server - or maybe something less power hungry.

Either way, at the moment the new machine will go into this new case and the old machine will remain in the now very aged but trusty Coolmaster Cosmos 1000, except I will eventually recase even that in a matching Obsidian, maybe one without the airflow front and I'll keep the Cosmos as a spare (you never know).

But, all this is on order... The only part to yet arrive is the power supply.

I've had some Molex to SATA death cables arrive too, but they're for a server project which I've been trying to film for you guys for a few days.

This isn't to be confused with my current under desk server, which you can see me working on the case here:

I've also started to record snippets of my review of the 6 core 12 thread laptop I've been using for the last 6 months, so I hope to start editing that together.

I will also, hopefully, this weekend be able to start showing you why there has been a large chunk of time missed in my posts... What have I been busy doing?...