Xelous HTTP Server

This is a place-holder page for the on-going development of my personal, very simple, Open Source HTTP Server software.

The software is part of my internal, private, Bluebird development suite, and is the first piece of that suite I am going to be making Open Source in a series of tutorials.

The server is written in C++14, and is intended for the GNU/Linux Operating system, it is currently deployed in my personal in-house machines as a modified simplified remote access server, where I have customised it to allow me to control and run terminal sessions from my servers over the internet, without installing anything or having the risk of other software I don't understand fully.

The code has been built for and run on Raspberry PI, TechNexion Pico Dwarf and PC based systems.

The server will be fully open source, the tutorials will not only go over it's creation, but will form the basis of a long-term term "How to Program C++" series I intend to create & complete.

To keep your appetites alive for this, here's a couple of pictures... For the Programming Geeks out there, the second one shows my Linux development environment (yes its the i3 Window Manager, and I build with vanilla make, the editor is Sublime Text)

Click to zoom in!

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