Billy & Barney

Barney strutting his stuff

Billy taking flying lessons with his cousin Monty

Billy & Barney having a cuddle

Billy (aka Prince William)

Billy with his favourite thing, his ball!

And the brothers have their "brothers from other mothers"...

Billy in black, Monty is a Chocolate Phantom,
Sid is the black (with a tuxedo chest) moving at speed,
Maxi is the silver toy and then we can see Barny top right
speeding up, so as not to miss any play time!

This is then our old Labrador Dude, who looks after all the Poodles
because he thinks they're his pups!
Along with Sid here, when he was only 16 weeks old, showing his
tuxedo chest, Sid is a born runner!

Now... Song time....

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