Monday, 24 April 2017

Tech Office: Talking Dress Code

Lets put this clearly, I don't believe in a set dress code (as in defining what anyone can wear) in technology, I've seen anecdotal evidence of the history of IBM where they insist on suits and sock garters and alsorts of things, I've seen companies demand you wear a suit - indeed I used to work in Formalwear production and had to wear a suit - I like suits, however, I don't believe they have a place in the everyday development office.

If you're seeing customers, if you're "forward facing" then sure, dress up.  But smart casual is enough for me, what is "Smart Casual"?

Jeans, sure.  Shirt, sure.  T-Shirt if it's plain, sure.  What's not... Well, how about a 30 year old sagging woolen jumper?  Please no, just no.

What about a bright orange flair neck shirt which has its top three buttons missing and is worn by a hairy chested 1970's throw back?  Please god no.

What about shoes?  Well, I wear a nice pair of Rockport leather shoes, they're functional, comfortable, ageing but decent looking... Trainers, I have no objection to trainers, sandles... No... No sandles.

Shorts?... Please No, just no.

Combat trousers, I'm find with them, so long as you're not putting ammo in the pockets, oh and they're a plain colour.

Then you come to the more sticky points, its kind of the dress code, and sure medical considerations aside, how do you smell?  I've worked with people, not directly in my team, who stink.  Bodily, as though they don't wash, but also as though they've been dipped in something... Chemicals, paints, cigarettes, bad breath, BO... It's just not acceptable, it's not polite, when you're working elbow to elbow or if you smell so bad people give you a wide birth, or close their mouth as they come past your desk, beware you will be asked to spray.

That said, what do you spray?  Please god, nothing totally stinking...

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