Sunday, 26 March 2017

People : Again Who is Robert Yates?

I asked before who Robert Yates was, because I don't know, I still don't know... He's linking to my blog in some way, but I don't know who he is... And now, rather puzzlingly the post I made asking who he was, it keeps coming up as one of my top 10 viewed daily posts... 100+ people a day want to know like me, who Robert Yates is?

Someone suggested to me that this was a little like the character Robert Paulson in Fight Club... He had no name until named...


  1. well that was weird when i saw my name :p im a security researcher and i think i first found your blog through some posts about coding virtual cpus, since then ive always added your blog in my feed. <- me

    Rob :D

    1. Aha... THERE YOU ARE!... I really really had wondered, now I've just got to figure out who are these 100+ people who keep pulling up that original post, it still trends on my stats once or twice a month hitting 100+ page views...

      I will just say your enemies are close!?!?! (Dramatic Pause)

      Thank you for visiting, see you again soon!