Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Development : Microsoft Tools Troll the Office

Today, I've been working on a brand new project, which literally I thought was parked just yesterday... My mistake it seems this project was expected to be being worked on.. A coworker is currently slogging through the same API but for a different (embedded platform) and it's taken him quite a while.

So the product owner for this new piece of software from me (which is to call XML Web Services through SOAP up stream and a hardware device over USB or serial down stream) was quite upset when they arrived at my desk and asked how their product was coming, and my reply was "Doesn't exists, waiting for the hardware".

After a short, and shirty, moment with them I assured them I would do all I could with the interface, implement ALL the XML Web Service calls through the published ASMX tomorrow... Which is today... They looked sceptical, gave me that long stare saying "no, no you won't"....

And of course I have!... Microsoft Visual Studio Troll tool award of the day, it is so simple to work with a published ASMX, just add a service reference to the URL and it generated everything for you, then tell C# you're using that name space and voila there it all is laid out for you on a platter.

I just finished this project, less than 5 hours after starting it, so have dished it back to the product owner to find the hardware, I know they're not going to believe how quickly I've completed this cycle on the development, not least because the other chap has been on it weeks and has only done about 60% of the calls so far... Yeah, I say... But he's not using troll Tools.

Sometimes, times like this in fact, I quite like C#... Don't let on, it's my dirty secret.

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