Friday, 23 December 2016

People: I am Xelous (Someone else has an Identity Crisis)

I bring this to the public attention of these pages as I had what could only be described as an ill conceived lecture last night about my name, now let us be clear we all know "Xelous" is not my actual name, it is however a name I have use and evolved online since 1996.

If you google "xelous" you will find me.. I admit also a young lady on Picorama... but you find me....

If you google my actual name you will find the Gillingham Goal Keeper, and a well known film franchise, you will not find me.

You will like-wise NOT find me vaunting myself on LinkedIn, again I have been challenged about this.  My first reason for not really embracing Social Media in this manner is that I get a lot of spam, an awful lot of spam, the second is that it's simply not mature enough for me yet, Facebook is too much a dictatorship and not professional and LnkedIn is not mature and insecure.

I noted how that LinkedIn hack disappeared from the radar pretty quickly in the Summer... I however remembered it.

I've had the comment that "Xelous" is a silly name, it's a name... It is actually a name, I thank "Nacel Xelous Elal Ybab" of the Philippines for letting me make this point.

I have worked professionally in the Entertainment Software industry under the pseudonym "Lord Xelous" as well, and it is the name on my YouTube channel.

So to that nay-sayer, you were wrong, and sounded silly.  Indeed I looked you up online, with your buttoned down collar supposedly "correct" name, you were WWAAAAY down the google search listings and even came second on the LinkedIn listing and your surname is quite unique in of itself!  FAIL!

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