Thursday, 22 September 2016

Great British Bake Off... All Hands to the Pumps!

With the bake off heading over to Channel 4, it's been interesting to see one of the most talked about programmes in our office be re-discussed... It's also extremely interesting to get the inside track on some things, since I work with an Bake-Off contestant... Jordon Cox

So this morning, as we stood in the kitchen getting our coffee talking Networking issues, it was very interesting to see his reaction of non-surprise that Mary Berry would be staying with the BBC rather than going over to Channel 4.

We can all guess she was offered a large slice of the millions Channel 4 are going to be paying for the show, but what did Channel 4 think they were paying for?... TGBBO is a format, the music, the set design, the title, the sections, the format is the concept Channel 4 are paying for.  Indeed it was a little farcical recently when Jordon here appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham, but they couldn't play the theme tune to the show as the BBC don't have the rights.

But were Channel 4 paying for this format, for the crew of camera, set and sound operatives of so many shapes and sizes?... Or where they bidding for the whole package, where they bidding for Mel & Sue, with Mary & Paul?  I think they were.

I think there may very well be some squeaky bums over at Channel 4 towers right now, as they realise that not only have they potentially ruined the show, but that the millions whom will be tuned into slate the very hard acts to follow.

Paul Hollywood has, as yet, to comment on his position.  Jordon assures me he's not as dour as he is portrayed in the shows editing, he's a quite bright, funny guy.... I of course know this, not for his cakes or bread, but for his excellent taste in dogs (Labradors)... I'd like to think his announcement has not come because he will stick with the Beeb, and he has allowed, in his gentlemanly way, ladies to go first.  But he may just be wasting the cash register light up as more dough is coughed up for his approval and perhaps the last shred of a link to what was "The Great British Bake Off".

Addendum: Nope, seems Paul went with the Money... Humpf, gallantry is not in the pantry.

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