Friday, 12 February 2016

Female Developers

I've just read this on BBC news....

And I'm sorry to say gals, I've had the opposite experience with you female coders, I've worked with three in my current job, this is closely worked with them, I've also worked with a very good web developer whom was female, and female testers... The tester was mediocre, no real grasp on how development worked, but would get the job done.

The developers however, the more recent I worked with had come from over seas, had come into the role alongside myself from an academic background.  Her idea of good code is still being stripped out of the system whenever it's found; remove by myself I'm afraid to point out.  I was not part of hiring this person, but personally, if I had had a veto it'd have been used, they were simply not very good, and I've spent more time than they worked at the company combined, undoing bad ideas she implemented.

The other main female developer I worked with, was not a bad programmer because she was female per say, her main problem was she was a rude, arrogant, obtuse, and above all close minded fool.  She'd come into a high-speed embedded electronics based system, and thought a good idea for signal propagation, you know the signals that have to go really really fast, was to insert them into a database table, and then have another threaded application running to query them from said table and post them off to where they were required.

Needless to say, this system was always fatally flawed.

This is again not to say the men I've worked with, or I myself, have always been the bests in the world, far from it, I've built some total crack pot program in my time, but as I've matured as a programmer I've made better and better software.... Just the two females I mention here, neither of them seemed to learn anything from experience... It was very much "if A does not work, blame B where B is not Me!"

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