Friday, 5 February 2016

DCC Train Test Bed

I've spent some time this evening actually getting around to setting up a length of 00 Gauge railway track, in order to test my DCC base station and sniffer builds.

I've lots of electronics lying around and to be honest I need to knuckle down and play about with them more.

You can see I have a reference DCC station here, a Gaugemaster unit, I'd much prefer to have the actual ESU Ecos system on the real-layout, but Ken wouldn't let me bring it home... not least as it'd leave him with nothing to play with.

Anyway, you can see this is actually longer than my desks, so it goes way off into the ether, and I've propped the left end up (just to stop it sagging under it's own weight) with a cardboard tube I had lying around.

Then, in the center above the mini screw drivers you can see the pile of Arduino Uno boards I have, and then the mess of electronics in various re-purposed glass jars.

And my quality £3 volt meter just poking into view... Hey, hey, it's not a Fluke, but it does the job for now.

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