Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chrome Flags

This week I have, amongst other things, been playing a newly released to Open Beta game "Crown of the Gods", a clone of a closed game I have lamented on these pages past "Lord of Ultima".

Immediately my impressions where the development team have done a good job, however, I soon ran into issues on my lower powered machines, especially the desktop PC in the office which is woefully underpowered.

Now, I run Chrome, and I wondered whether the tricks Google have under the hood could help, and you know they can...

If you open chrome and browse to the url: chrome://flags/

Then you will be greeted by a rather scary looking screen....

Do not worry, but, if you look down on the list you will see this ditty:

Confusingly labelled, this is saying the accelerated 2D canvas (in JavaScript) is Disabled, when this is Disabled.  Enabling it, enables the disabling of the accelerated 2D canvas... Which is English means, it enables the acclerated 2D canvas... Enabling this option, resulted in a boost to the smoothness feel of the game for me.

Another one further down also was strangely disabled for me:

Enabling this brought my game experience up into the solid 50+ fps range, even on this tired old machine.

And of course, whenever you change an option, you have to relaunch Chrome, which is provided in the page with a button at the bottom:

I'd recommend you change only one option at a time, and make a note what you have changed, because you may want to swap things back later.

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