Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hunting in America

With all the furore over the killing of Cecil:

One then has to just smack your hand on your forehead over this American story...

Yes, a baby get a lifetime permit to hunt and fish!...

Only in America, that is, only in the country where food and wealth are so abundant do people still feel the need to hunt, and the parents comment that it's a family tradition and

"it was only natural we kind of keep it going"

It just ludicrous, my family name comes from an invading Knight who came with William the Conqueror... So should I keep invading places?... My other family side name comes from being a Money lender, should I continue to be a loan shark?

I mean, it's just stupid, "yeah we live, yeeehaw, in the wild west, and after we been a huntin' for possum, we go to Walk Mart for sprinkles to put on it's corpse!"

But the ultimate idiocy in this whole story lies with the officials whom thought the "Newborn Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing License" was a good idea.

I mean, the US has been reporting lately of species decline, and that report was linked to the domestic cat, but look at all the Gun toting citizens out there, blazzing away at anything with nipples and you really just have to beg belief.

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