Monday, 29 June 2015

Matthew James : George Cross?

In the aftermath of the despicable attack on holiday makers in Tunisia last Friday, here in the UK we are of course looking at both the serious implications of the attack; asking when and where one might be safe to let ones guard down; but we're also looking, desperately for a good news story out of the tragic events.

It's all part of the British Stiff Upper Lip, I believe, we're told the British Death toll is to rise above 30, and all we can do is hold those families in our minds eye and wish them as well as we can.

However, the stiff Upper lip, and saving grace story, seems to be that of Mr Matthew James, a seemingly ordinary 30 year old father on holiday with his fiancée and in the midst of the attack he used his own body as a human shield.

One can only suppose his girlfriend's blond hair would have attracted attention of the gun man, and this man stepped in and took those shots for her before allowing her to escape.

Reportedly today, safe and stable in a Cardiff hospital one has to ask should he receive an honour?

The George Cross perhaps "For acts of Heroism and courage in extreme danger"?...

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  1. The stories of people using themselves as Human Shields truely are amazing, sadly not all were as lucky as Matthew James, so I've coming back with this link:

    And to say another hero, but one who lost his life, shielding his wife is Stephen Mellor, and I believe a posthumous award should like-wise be made, and the BBC report "Mrs Mellor told the BBC that when the shooting started the couple huddled together, saying "I love you"." Simply makes my heart ache for her.