Sunday, 8 March 2015

Phantom Capacitor Blown

Ever hear a capacitor let go?.. Ever had that deep stomach lurch as you hear a piece of electronics give up the blue ghost?

I did last night, stood up to plug in a new USB device - a new USB Flash drive - and as it went in... I heard, through my headphones, what I distinctly remember to be the cry of the god of capacitors, Pop!

But the machine stayed on... Okay, okay, damage limitation, shutdown, power off.. power off at the wall...

Open the machine, check the caps around the CPU, check for leaks, check for bulges, check for anything.... Nothing...

But I heard it??

Maybe it's the USB device itself.... Pull the plastic casing off (I wish they'd make them less robust)... Oh, there are no caps on it, and there are no obvious signs of damage, save the now chopped open case...

I heard a cpacitor go, I'm sure I did... I stand up again to push the PC back into place.... Sit down... Pop!

Holy shit, the same noise, but the power is off...!!!! It's the wiring in the house itself, it's the breaker, it's... It's.... It's my fucking belt buckle hitting the desk.


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