Wednesday, 11 March 2015

BBC Top Gear - Put it Back Now!

This is a direct order to the people who receive my license fee, put the bastards back on the tele now, all of them, all of the crew.... I'm pretty sure, looking at recent BBC output, if a producer needed a slap it was deserved, and if the picture of the wet eyed young twerp is the one who got the slap, then I'd slap him, just for being s twerp.

So, why does Jezza get the focus, and I think the simple reason is he's entertaining; so deeply inside the BBC is paranoid he's probably a kiddy fidder, or there's some dark secret about to come out, like he's a KKK member or something...

BBC, he's not, he's just a man, a bloke, and he speaks his mind.  And guess what you pretentious bunch of wet nurses he speaks it as it is, and he's sometimes wrong, sometimes right but always pretty damn entertaining!

Lets go down the list of BBC sanctions against Jezza, as listed on their news site now - you know to make sure the whole BBC is pulling rank here the news team have dragged up the list yet again....

BBC Apologized to Mexico, because the crew called them lazy and feckless... Mexicans are of Spanish descent, Spaniards and many Mexicans take siesta's during the day, and I don't know about you, but for about half an hour after I get up from sleep I'm useless and mind fogged.  This isn't something for Mexico to have complained about, it's something for them to have laughed at!

Next, Indian diplomats complained that the crew said everyone going to India gets the trots... Everyone going to India does get the trots, it's called Bangalore Belly for christsake, we used to own the country we know.... If they want to sanction Top Gear over it, well Guy Martin in his recent "Our Guy in India" travel/motor series, he said he had the brown rain!  Go sanction him too!

But no the pussy footing BBC let the Indians complaint sit on record, instead of being normal and pointing out, everyone does get the shits.... It's even in current scientific circles (least I heard this) that many Indians stay slim because they always have the runs!  That's a fact, I wish I could find the source!  So the politicians, as all politicians do, were liars!

Comparing a camper can to people with facial disfigurements, apparently breached disability guidelines, so if we had a car which looked exactly like an electric wheelchair, would this not be allowed to be pointed out?.... Event looking at this list, and the original report, none say who's disability guidelines, nor what the guidelines are... So I presume this is some internal BBC bullshit again made up by the Mamby-Pamby anonymous office dwellers were worried there might be yet more kiddy fiddlers at the Beeb!... Lets face it, the Top Gear crew have had more (to my experience) people in their audience and as guests in wheel chairs, or with disabilities.  The veteran amputee special feature, I've seen people with Downs, Albino, many audience members in wheelchairs, and the cast and crew have always been there and nice and got on with things, only the external "Beeb" have had a go.

The whole nursery rhyme thing, that was an off cut, and Jezza is older than me, and I used to sing that same tune with the word Nigger in it, there I said it, I used to stand - with my half-cast best mate (Michael Wallace, I hope you and your brother both remember this and laugh like you used to) and we'd sing that rhym with the word Nigger... There, hang me, hang me high... I also used to use the word Gollywog to describe the chap on the back of a jar of silver shred... Woebetide is me!  I think not.

I've been called a white, milke bread mother fucker in my time, and I've called my mates a nignog fog horn fuck, it's the way of the world, gladly one which is dying out, but never forget!  If history teaches us anything, using a slang and distateful word is wrong, but joking is okay!  Joking can break down even the harshest of horrors, like Hitlerism was, like ISIS is now!

If I called a French guy trying to get on a tube train a Nigger, then I'd have been an utter cunt and deserving of a kicking, if I'd just said "EEeny meeny miny mo, catch a nigger by his toe" then I need to blush and be slapped on the back of the wrist, it's all different levels here people, and if I recall, Jezza did appologise for that one.

Then the slope on that bridge... I'd forgot that slope was a "racial" slur, first off it's an Americanism, not part of British vernacular, and I've checked with veterans of the Burma war, they don't call the local Slope.  Americans called Vietnamese who said they sided with one or the otherside, but clearly worked with the other "slopes", as they sloped a different way... And when Jezza said that about the bridge, I just thought it was about the bridge, it was only the BBC pointing it out made me realise!  And no, this doesn't make me slow, it doesn't make me dim, it just makes me normal.

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