Wednesday, 25 March 2015

BBC - Top Gear - Clarkson Gone

Don't think I'll ever watch Top Gear again, if they even dare try to keep it going.

I do hope James, Richard and Jeremy remain a trio, the musketeers of presenting....

And I hope, despite getting a thick lip, this producer who got a slap knows he's ruined so many bloke's weekends; that one hour we used to have without the wife bothering us; he's ruined it... So to every barman, to every hotel bell clerk and luggage handler... Nobble the fellow.

And I don't care if Clarkson called him every name from an Arse to an Elbow, this decision is wrong, this whole campaign of the media to highlight something Clarkson does is wrong.

The BBC cancelling the new series, but then having to temerity to show repeats, was wrong and hypocritical.

Reading the tweets going to Richard and Jame's feeds make agonizing reading, and one can only hope they now turn away from the Beeb and go to another channel together.


  1. As a died in the wool old fogie whilst Clarksons comments
    and alleged action have been 'riskee' or inappropriate to axe him a business disaster because he IS the program but
    should bbc worry about that it is not their money that will compensate all the foreign stations but the license payers
    money . A long suspension would have demonstrated a
    strong signal even to Clarkson it does not make sense while the bbc still call on Jonathon Ross and Russel Bland who destroyed Mr.Sach's familyrelations for ever.

    1. Good point, Andrew Sachs, whom we recently observed being used to "snuff it" on Eastenders, that whole episode far exceeds the bounds of Clarkson, but the difference is their comments whilst originally broadcast couldn't be repeated... So the button down "no thank you" middle England mob, whom seem to be the ones I perceive has having an axe to grind against Clarkson, per say, didn't get to hear their tirade.

      Thanks for stopping by... Stop with the Anonymous though folks, lets see who you are out there... 250,000 visitors I've now had to my blog, and I have names for maybe 50 of you :)