Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I broke Amazon

I broke Amazon... I've had an item on order since Monday, and at the time of ordering it was listed as in stock and I even paid for expedited delivery...

When on Tuesday it'd not been dispatched I really wondered why, so asked, but had no immediate reply, four hours later I started to chat with them and not only did I get my expedited payment refunded, but they insisted the item would be sent for delivery 1st class.

Unfortunately, since then I've seen the item appear as "Out of Stock", as "12 items in stock", as "Back in stock Friday", and as "In Stock"... So I've not been confident it'll be delivered.

Today, it's still not listed as dispatched, but it is still listed as "In Stock", however the price has risen £20... From Monday to Wednesday, £20...?

This is sold and dispatched by Amazon... I dunno, maybe my query cost them to answer, so they upped the price.

Either way now, if I get it before the weekend I'll be ecstatic, but just to get it for the original price I'll be happy...

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