Tuesday, 10 February 2015

HMS Dreadnaught

Happy Birthday, HMS Dreadnought....

99 years ago, today, a new generation of Warship was launched, concentrating all the main fire-power into rotating turrets, rather than both turrets and barbed emplacements along the length of the ship.

She was HMS Dreadnought and her name went onto represent a new era and new form of Naval planform, from which the great naval arms races of the early twentieth century would hang.

It is with great reverie many of us look back at the great navies with awe and even a tear, some of us had family or perhaps ourselves served in the Navies of the world.

For my part, I grew up hearing about life aboard His Majesties Cruiser Belfast, stories from my Grandfather, which I will be bringing to you over the course of the coming months.

But today marks the day on which Naval warfare changed, and the great stories and names of other ships came to prominence, Hood, Bismark, Repulse, Warspite, Houston, Enterprise, Ark Royal and all the rest would not have occurred without the direction given to advances by Dreadnought.

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