Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Columbia Moaning?

I've often got bad words for a certain South American country on these pages, but today another has draw my ire... Colombia...

As far as I was aware until earlier today we have no angst between our countries, actions in the past were all history, we as far as I was concerned were friends... And hence when I heard old Charlie (Prince Charles) was on his way out there I didn't bat an eye lid.

However, now having read he's being criticized for this plaque thing... People of Colombia, you won!... You beat us, we have a sense of humour, unlike the Argies, we understand it was terrible and done hundreds of years ago, and still the second in line to the throne went over there and opened the plaque with your local dignitaries...

So why be so bothersome?

Is it me, or is the world getting a bee in it's bonnet at Britain?... We only want to be friends, and now be over charged for things, we're poor and disgruntled at our government, we've every waif and stray from any foreign field claiming benefits here, but other than that we're a mild bunch.

Why pick on us?

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