Sunday, 27 July 2014

British Gas - Aggravating, Annoying, Obtuse Asses

I'm going to lay this out straight, British Gas are utterly shite.  We constantly get hassled to pay bills, which are already paid, we get letters in the post days even up to a week after we've actioned changes, payments or readings and basically get constantly nagged by them.  It is really starting to grate with us... Not least little things like this:
You go to send them those readings:

Fear not however, because with this cock up already showing they then SMS text you more requests for the readings, and when you log on and get told the system us down, they repeat send the e-mail... And no doubt they'll be calling me tomorrow during office hours to interrupt my day and nag me some more.

But, today the last laugh is on my side, because today we've taken over a new solar grill oven.  No more gas hob for us.  So our gas usage is going to plummet significantly... Lets see how their system works that out, because the last time I cut gas use - by turning the gas boiler off for a fortnight - they complained that we were not using enough!

Yes, a company supposedly dedicated to reducing carbon fuel use, to serving its customers... "Hey you, you've spent too little", makes me want to puke.

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