Monday, 26 May 2014

WarThunder - Flyout

Despite being very busy, and working on many projects, I have tonight gotten myself some time in the pilot seat and flown out in my German plans in WarThunder, flying arcade due to the derth of Historical battles (which I prefer).

I then switched to my American aircraft, a much unloved line in my tech tree, where I've only just reached into some of the Tier II aircraft, I think my problem with the American aircraft is that compared to either the British, Japanese or German lines (which have had my focus) the Americans seem very stiff.

The last plane I unlocked however was the P400... 

And just now I had a hell of a flight in a Historical battle in it, however, the game froze up... Sounds carried on being played, I alt-tabbed out to check my network, which was fine, then tabbed back and it just kept refreshing the screen as black.

I relogged into the server and it told me the battle was over, but it was one of my best historical fly-outs as the Americans ever, I took out two player planes, one AI plane and strafed seven ground units, getting a 6x streak on the ground units, and was on the eight just as the game froze...

I'd have RTB and come back for more too, I was really enjoying the flyout.

One disastrous thing for me at the moment however is the power of my Graphics card, its getting very long in the tooth, its the oldest piece of kit in my machine.  The last machine rebuild was everything except the graphics card, so I have a Core i7, 16GB of 1600mhx DDR3 ram, but this hideously underpowered GTX 260 Graphics card.

The problem with changing the card however is that the 260 does a pretty decent job, as you can see above, it does not look terrible.  And the performance increase against the budget market cards doesn't really impress me.

So my only upgrade path would be to leap up to a GTX 770, or GTX 780...  I have eyed up the EBGZ GTX 770 2GB Superclocked card, with its wallet smacking £260 price tag however, its nothing more than a pipe dream... I have bills to pay, a house to sort and a wife to support... I dream however, I dream.

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