Friday, 25 April 2014

Ukrainian Viewers

I just took a look at my blog statistics and for the first time in year a new country is the number 1 source of viewers.  The usual top 3 have been:

United States, United Kingdom and then France, followed by Canada, Australia and then Russia.

Over the last week however one country has not only appeared on the list, but rocketed to the top spot above the United States... And that country is...

The Ukraine...

I like the Ukraine; I'm not making a political statement about the current strange activity and rhetoric coming from Russia; but I do like the Ukraine, I remember watching the celebrations in Kiev as they won independence in the 90's.  An old man crying like a baby, it struck me as quite a deep moment, almost like the fall of the Berlin wall.

I also remember the Ukraine for the coverage of Chernobyl when I was very young.

But quite what's bringing Ukrainian viewers I'm not sure... Would any of them like to tell me?  I don't know which post you're being directed to, and no post shows a sudden peak in interest... So I'm just in the dark.

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