Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sleep and Work

Embarrassing confessions time... I was just watching Good Mythical Morning 374, today's edition, and they're talking about sleep & sleeping  habits.

And I was just thinking I need to improve my sleep quality, and then the embarrassment set in...

I remember in a job I had 12 years ago, whilst in a face to face meeting with the owner of the company, so my uber boss... I feel asleep...

Right in front of the guy... he wasn't being boring, he was actually offering me interesting work, but at the time my sleep was so pitiful, and there were so many problems at home with my then girlfriend I just was not getting any sleep.

In fact, not to make excuses, but I went to work to get some peace and quiet.  It was a good job, I should have tried harder, and in fact the day I left it I went home and the girlfriend was gone... and it was praise be... I do wonder to this day if I should have got a good nights sleep and then just gone back to them and explained, but I never did.

I never told them about her activities, and she got up to some funky things, and like 18 months after she'd just walked out, well... I got a credit card company knocking on the door asking for £14,000... Which she'd spent.

All this was my fault, I let my life change so dramatically, and the rubber band broke.  It was ironic really because for months before this job I basically poisoned with lack of sleep, I was getting up at like 5am each morning and driving 70 odd miles to my previous place of work, beavering away there until at least 7pm at night and heading 70 miles home again... to basically dead sleep until the next morning...

But I was living on junk food and youth, and the then girlfriend didn't live with me... the moment I got the job closer to home, she moved in... my brother moved in with me, having been made homeless, and basically my job, my life, my way of working was lost.

I regained it when she'd left and I made my brother move on, I had like two weeks and was into one of the longest and best roles I ever had, and I delivered, but I always wish I'd delivered to that previous company who had took me on... I never spoke to them about it, in fact when the Director spoke to me I just admitted my faults and accepted the inevitable, because... well I was through fighting, to get home and find the girl gone was a blessing.

If those previous employers out there read this... Vanessa, Stuart, et al.... Sorry folks, I was a sleep deprived knob.

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