Monday, 10 February 2014

Manlab White Out

It has been a long and arduous weekend, first of all.... The MAN LAB IS DONE.

It's all plastered through, invarying levels of quality, until the very last walls is perfect, and I mean that, it's a brilliant flat, smooth lovely wall.... The first wall I did is appauling, the last, well I think I could sell myself as a plasterer of walls with that last wall...

I've also painted it all, after applying watered-down-PVA to seal the plaster, I've put on three coats on all the walls and four coats of matt brilliant white emulsion.  It's very much like a mental ward, or a dream... You could easily re-film the scene with Harry and Dumbledore at Kings Cross station in there....

Though the room might actually be more white than it's possible for a convensional camera to pick up.

The room needs a new carpet next, and a better light fitting, and then the electrical outlets and switches are going to be swapped for brushed chrome, but... None of that can happen for at least a month, so for now the room is done.

I'm going to put the power extensions back around to my work area, set up my desk and get on with living in the room.

A trip to Ikea maybe on the bill too, for some new wardrobe space.

Oh, but I did fall off the ladder once, the thing just folded up on me, and I fell down and bounced off the header of my bed... which is iron bars... I bent one of the bars something furious, and my left hip is utterly shot today, but hey ho.

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