Friday, 24 January 2014

No Rolf.... Sexual Court Case Equality

Its interesting they don't mention Rolf Harris....

Now, he's in court on some abhorrent charges, but in this country you are innocent until proven guilty, and guilty or not Rolf Harris was part of UK culture linking us to Australia for decades, one can't simply change the list of Aussies in the UK because one is in court...

This is a little like mentioning iconic German leaders and leaving Hitler out cus he was... well Hitler.

And I know mentioning Nazi's derails my point, it always will, but the case against Rolf Harris is still on going, his name is mud either until the end of time, if he goes down, or he's exonerated by being acquitted, either way we simply don't know at this moment... But the media stance, and the naming & shaming is interesting.

I don't believe that these court cases about kiddy fiddling and sexual charges against the likes of Harris, or DLT, or Bill Roache come up for no reason.  I think some are genuine, some are money grubbing and some are delusions seeking attention, but I think some of the cases where the accused are named & shamed before their day in court, like Michael LeVell, Jim Davidson & Fredie Star only for them to be found not guilty don't result in their names being restored.

Indeed I feel in the latter case where the accuser maybe found to be guilty of lying there should be a case against them and they should be named and shamed, its perhaps not as cut and dry as this, I personally have experience of a situation where two sisters were sexually assaulted from the ages of 3-5 to their early teens by their step-father and when it came to court the step-father was found not guilty, but you can see in those girls (well women now, they're both in their 30's and early 40's) the psychological shadow of the past and also the shadow that he got away with it.

I'm no legal expert, I do think I'm a bit of a common-sense expert, and so I think maybe total anonymity should be imposed, on the case, the persons and the press.  And breaking this before the conclusion of a case in court should be contempt of court.

Otherwise lives maybe ruined, both of real victims, to falsely accused defendants to real abusers and rapists.  (Of course the last case is fine, ruin them all, but the former two categories I think out weigh the latter in the current atmosphere of the press).

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