Monday, 27 January 2014

Mr Xelous Mailing....

I've just done something which even I think is strange, I've just sent an e-mail to a person, at their place of work, directly asking for a job.

I have never done this before, I've had jobs applied for from adverts, I've gone into trade shows and been approached and head-hunted by others... But I've never just sent a message or cold called someone.

I'm pretty sure if I were receiving such messages - as I'm sure this person is - they'd just have them spam filtered, my mail is just spam, but I have a small warm spot deep inside hoping the recipient reads the mail and I hear something back.

It is a very small hope in this yammering, chattering, gnashing world, but hey you never know...

The reason for my sending this missive is three fold, first I think I need a new job... second I'd like to work for them... and third my personal research/coding time is very much pointed in the direction they appear to me moving, least from their current published information, they're looking at C++, I'm looking at C++... They have a history with volume rendering, I want a history with volume rendering... They have a company, I'd like to work for a company....

I'd just like to earn a little more than I do now, to live comfortably and work from home doing something I love.  With a house with two man-lab rooms all to myself, I think it maybe time I try to make the most of it, the most of myself.

And hey if the recipient of that mail is here.. "Hi"... or should that be "Hej"?

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