Saturday, 7 December 2013

Manlab Progress

Man lab area update, the hole in the roof has been sorted, the roof lead fixed, the hole plugged with new board and its been bonded into place with a swathe of well... bonding...

The corner where the main desk will be has been stripped and is partially ready for plastering, but I need to next move the power supply, there is a dual plug precariously placed just down the wall from where the desk will be, so I'm going to chisel out a channel, run a new power cable from there and power it up... Or perhaps lift the floor boards (but this will be a pain) and check what cables go where.

I plan the sort the power, prepare the walls and then re-skim plaster (just an all in one coat which I'll polish) to make the corner flat and even, and the two main walls flat and then around the two windows flat... The ceiling is an unknown quantity, as I remove the paper off of the other walls I'm going to check the ceiling.

Either way, I'm going for flat painted walls, and for now leaving the build in cupboards and stuff - despite their being older than me - and I'm going to fix my desk to the wall as a permanent fixture with 2x1's and also float a shelf above the desk for the printer and paper to sit upon out the way.

The final thing might be to get a long drill bit and bring a dedicated network wire up from the hub in the front room, but that's a while away in the plans.

The other little job I still have yet to finish is wiring in the outside light, this thing was a pig to put up, because the kit it came with was basically so cheap (the whole thing cost a tenner) that it took my own rawl plugs and my own screws to actually fix it to the wall, because the kit supplied ones were so shite.

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