Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Man Lab - Plastering Progress 2 - Window sills

My woeful attempts to mix plaster continue, last night I thought it a good idea to mix just enough to go around the small window, so after fixing the beading I sorted out about a pint and a half of water... I poured in the plaster until it peaked over the top and began mixing - being so shallow I mixed by hand - then added another couple of trowel fulls of powder... but it never got just how I wanted it, it stayed on the trowel so I started to use it... And this time it did smooth out wonderfully and work beautifully once on the wall, but getting it on the wall was almost like catching smoke...

It was so soft and so wet it slopped all over and I don't have the technique of dexterity to get it on the wall in quick time.

But that said it was so soft and workable for so long I got time to work it around the window, smooth it and then apply some on the first wall I did to smooth its edge - not that I made a good job of this - but I got to repair the top left corner a junction not just between two walls but a sloping ceiling too, so it was awkward.

Tonight I intend to mix a half bucket up and do below the window up to the sill and then along the top.

This wall is the biggest challenge, because its not flat, the plaster area over the large wooden lintels bows out, it seems naturally to do this and is quite sound but this bow means to get my plaster straight I need to build up about 1/8th of an inch at the top border smoothing down to near zero about 2 inches above the window and then skim just the tiniest amount of plaster up to the window bead and then I need to plaster out against another 1/10th ish of an inch below the window down to the skirting.

Luckily the radiator is not coming off, so I just need to do the main bit of wall between the windows and then I can look at the other main wall... but with around the windows done I can also rope the father-in-law into actually helping fit shelves and the desk - he's got the power saws for it :)

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