Friday, 15 November 2013

The Fake Xelous's

I am interested in the prospects shown in EverQuest Next, I've even dabbled with signing up for the Beta, but I really can't dedicate the time to it, I can't even find that much time at the moment to do any gaming in my own time - three hours this week and I only got that by staying up way longer than I should Sunday & last night.

Anyway, just now I did pop over to the SOE site to sign up, and god damn it, but someone already has my handle.

I hate it when this happens, some douch who is not Xelous has the name Xelous.

There's a lot of yanks doing this at the moment, for a none-sense made up word I came up with on Yahoo in 1997 its really annoying that other people use the name now.

But anyway at SOE, I thought no way have I missed signing up as myself on there, so I sent out a series of request my password resets, to my various xelous related e-mail addresses, to see to which I might have signed SOE up to.  None came back.

So it must be some fake douche bag out there pretending to be me.

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