Friday, 22 November 2013

Sketches of Unidentified Bodies

Reading the news there is a call for a European wide website, or database for all unidentified bodies to be searched for, a great idea and one I can't believe has not been implemented before in our information age.

However, as part of this reading I ended up looking on the UK Missing Persons Bureau website, and looking at their case search pages... 

There was no-one there I knew, but I did see lots of the sketches made of some of these poor people, their last images on Earth in many cases... Some where photo's of reconstructions as clearly nature had taken its tole and they were only skeletal remains.  But some here quite life like sketches doing honour and making the person look real.

However, some of the sketches on there... looked like they were done by blind brick layers, some sketch artist who was only telling people they could draw, the pictures were terrible, childlike, lacking any skill, or depth or flair for art at all.  And worst of all, apart from looking awful these terrible sketches, if anything, detract from the chance of anyone recognising the body.

Terrible, there should be some level of competance in such situations, surely, even just getting a budding amateur whom has the nack with a pencil, rather then whomever was got in on some of those pictures.

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