Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lighter Linux Format?

Being quite a Linux fan, I'm also a Linux Format subscriber.

The only magazine I buy, and subscribe to, I even contribute in some small ways to the magazine having had a letter or two printed and sending in a popular code item about writing a Virtual CPU from this very blog.

So I was a little shocked to see Graham, the editor, is leaving with this latest edition, some of the regular writers are leaving too... It is a tangible blow to the publication.

But as big a blow as it may have been, I do wonder whether signs of it have not been on the horizon for a few months, because the magazine has gotten a little lighter, it may only be my imagination, I may go to the stack of back copies I have in my new man loft and take a look at the thickness, but I remember I could read the copy cover to cover, now it seems that the distance cover to cover is about 5-7 pages less... And then suddenly these staff departures?

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