Wednesday, 27 November 2013

John George and Ringo go Deaf as Paul Warbles

I always loved Eric & Ernie, and though this item comes from a documentary about them, it shows something up in stark relief....

And that is that Paul McCartney actually can't sing very well, we all saw, or rather heard this at the Olympic opening in London, but since then I've seen him singing live and he seems to always get gushing reviews, its like he's  only getting reviewed by insane fanbois... or Yes men, and I mean this is getting embarrassing to him now, more so than the yes men George Lucas listened to about Jaja fucking binks.

Anyway, this still comes from the documentary about Eric & Ernie on the BBC, you can see this now for a bit on the BBC iPlayer, the first item of which was a skit with the Beatles...

And you'll see John and George singing just find, but Paul seems to just gap his gob open and closed, he's not singing the same words, of if he is his younger self has the same problem with his fat old cheeks as he has now, with them wobbling in the way of his warbling.

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